Resources for Preventing Food Waste

The United States has set a goal to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. Right now, about 40% of all food goes to waste. That equals about 108 billion pounds of food worth around $161 billion going into the trash each year. Each person will have a part to play in reducing food waste. Luckily, reducing each individual's or family's waste will reward them in multiple way. Not only does reducing waste help protect the environment, but it also helps each person save money by actually using what they purchased.

At the Grocery Store

Preventing waste starts with what comes into the house. Before leaving for the store, decide what breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks will be eaten over the next week. Check the refrigerator and pantry for items already owned and prioritize using those first.

When Dining Out

Most people enjoy eating out. However, eating out can also add to a person's overall food waste. There are several easy-to-adopt strategies to minimize food waste when enjoying a meal out.

In the Kitchen

Maintaining good safety procedures in the kitchen helps prolong the life of the food stored there. Often, food is tossed into the trash because it was forgotten about and spoiled before anyone could enjoy it. A few basic tweaks can cut out this sort of waste.

Cooking and Enjoying Food at Home

Focusing on reducing waste shouldn't reduce the enjoyment gotten from cooking, eating, and entertaining. Actually, people who involve their family members and housemates will be more successful in reducing food waste long term.

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