The Top 26 Richest Celebrity Chefs in the World and Their Signature Dishes

Who is the richest chef in the world? While Gordon Ramsay and his stunning array of television shows may come to mind, the real answer may surprise you! The team at How Long to Cook Calculator has gathered a delicious dossier on the wealthiest chefs in the world, including famous chef signature dishes for each one in case you feel hungry and inspired:

The Top 26 Richest Celebrity Chefs in the World and Their Signature Dishes

Who Is the Highest-Paid Chef in the World?

The celebrity chef with the highest net worth is Alan Wong. While Alan Wong’s net worth is often disputed, he is undoubtedly one of the most successful chefs in the world. But who is Alan Wong, and why is Alan Wong so rich? Wong is a Japanese chef and one of the 12 co-founders of Hawaii regional cuisine. He pioneered island fusion cuisine, which became a beloved global phenomenon. He had humble origins as a dishwasher in Hawaii before he worked his way into the tutelage of André Soltner, who is regarded as one of America’s earliest superstar chefs. In 2009, Wong cooked a luau at the White House for then-President Obama. In 2013, he was induced into the American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame.

Who Is Kimbal Musk?

The second-highest-paid chef based on net worth is Kimbal Musk, estimated to be worth $500 million. He owns the Kitchen Restaurant Group, which is a collection of “community” restaurants across Colorado, Chicago, and Indianapolis. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Big Green, a non-profit organization that has built hundreds of outdoor classrooms known as “Learning Gardens” in playgrounds and schoolyards across the United States. Additionally, he is the co-founder and chairman of Square Roots, an urban farming company based in Brooklyn, New York, which grows food in hydroponic shipping containers. As Elon Musk’s brother, he currently sits on the boards of Tesla and SpaceX.

How Much Does Gordon Ramsay Make?

Gordon Ramsay’s net worth is approximately $220 million. The fiery master chef has earned his fortune through both successful restaurants and television shows. How many restaurants does Gordon Ramsay have? According to, Ramsay runs 35 restaurants, down from a high of 57 throughout his career. Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants range from burger joints, fish and chip joints, pubs, and grills to steakhouses and fine dining experiences that require reservations months in advance. Gordon Ramsay has been awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars throughout his culinary journey, but he currently holds seven. What is Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish? That would be beef Wellington. To prepare it, Ramsay wraps medium-rare filet mignon with layers of a mushroom mixture, prosciutto, and puff pastry. How many television shows does Gordon Ramsay have? His list of credits includes nearly 40 TV shows that he has produced, hosted, or starred in!

Here are the top ten richest chefs in the world based on net worth:

  1. Alan Wong (net worth $1.1 billion)

  2. Kimbal Musk (net worth $500 million)

  3. Jamie Oliver (net worth $300 million)

  4. Gordon Ramsay (net worth $220 million)

  5. Nobu Matsuhisa (net worth $200 million)

  6. Wolfgang Puck (net worth $120 million)

  7. Rachael Ray (net worth $100 million)

  8. Emeril Lagasse (net worth $70 million)

  9. Bobby Flay (net worth $60 million)

  10. Ina Garten (net worth $60 million)

The 26 Wealthiest Chefs in the World, and Their Signature Dishes


Net Worth

Iconic or Favorite Dish

Alan Wong

$1.1 billion

Minute poke

Kimbal Musk

$500 million

Roasted veggie bowl

Jamie Oliver

$300 million

Steak sarnie

Gordon Ramsay

$220 million

Beef Wellington

Nobu Matsuhisa

$200 million

Yellowtail with jalapeno and sashimi salad

Wolfgang Puck

$120 million

Smoked salmon pizza

Rachael Ray

$100 million

Mexican lasagna

Emeril Lagasse

$70 million

Banana cream pie

Bobby Flay

$60 million

Louisiana burger

Ina Garten

$60 million

Roast chicken

Guy Fieri

$50 million

Dragon’s breath chili

José Andres

$50 million

Philly cheesesteak

Julia Child

$50 million

Beef bourguignon

Ree Drummond

$50 million

Chicken pot pie

Thomas Keller

$50 million

Oysters and Pearls

Vikram Vij

$50 million

Lamb Popsicles

Levi Roots

$45 million

Ackee and saltfish

Marco Pierre White

$40 million

Chicken chasseur

Giada De Laurentiis

$30 million

Lemon spaghetti

Rick Bayless

$30 million


Curtis Stone

$25 million

Pork tenderloin

Mario Batali

$25 million

Bucatini all'Amatriciana

Alice Waters

$20 million

Baked goat cheese with garden lettuce

Charlie Ayers

$20 million

Tuna poke potato skins

Christopher Kimball

$20 million


David Chang

$20 million

Pork buns

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